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zoom / увеличение изображения, наезд, горка
имя существительное
увеличение изображения
zoom, zooming, incursion
hill, cabinet, chute, zoom, buffet
take off, zoom, take wing, get away, unstick
увеличивать изображение
имя прилагательное
free, gratis, unpaid, chargeless, buckshee, zoom
(especially of a car or aircraft) move or travel very quickly.
we watched the fly zooming about
(of a camera) change smoothly from a long shot to a close-up or vice versa.
the camera zoomed in for a close-up of his face
used to express sudden fast movement.
then suddenly, zoom!, he's off
It seems funny that when I do, I can see the camera zoom onto me every time.
zoom function
Now he's eating a bologna sandwich (the zoom on this camera is really good) and drinking a Bud.
In other words, you can adjust the zoom and camera angle to be as far away or as close up as possible, and as upside down and round about as you like.
Cars continued to zoom past, mere blurs of colour and noise.
Start with golf courses, move on to schools and office parks, and watch sales zoom with water prices.
He put his head in his hands and watched the cars zoom past him.
He popped a cartridge in his camera and readied his zoom as the two men started their sleds.
For more serious work, a macro lens or a zoom with a macro feature offers superior quality.
I see the camera zoom into my face, and I see my glowing green eyes.