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zookeeper / работник зоопарка
имя существительное
an animal attendant employed in a zoo.
When hostilities broke out, zookeepers fled, and the animals were left to starve, living in cages without food, water, and in some cases, access to sunlight.
I spent 10 years working as a zookeeper for the Wildlife Conservation Society - arguably the best of its kind in the world.
Most historians agree the bison's primary savior was William Hornaday, a Bronx zookeeper and head of the New York Zoological Society, who helped found the American Bison Society.
Despite having ‘dabbled creatively’, her desire to work with animals led to a six-year stint as a zookeeper and sealion trainer.
On September 9, during an examination by a team of biologists, a zookeeper and a veterinarian, the chick was found to be suffering from a blockage of the digestive track and signs of respiratory distress.
Richard Joseph, a senior zookeeper and wildlife conservationist, said the exchange of animals was part of the society's thrust to promote wildlife farming locally.
He worked as a zookeeper for the London Zoological Society, eventually becoming head keeper at the Welsh Mountain Zoo above Colwyn Bay in North Wales.
Well, last week, the zookeeper left and all of the animals were taken out.
Dr Clode was a zookeeper in Adelaide, did her doctorate in zoology at Oxford, and is now doing her research at the University of Melbourne.
For the past eight summers she volunteers for daily care and feeding at Miller Park Zoo as a zookeeper 's assistant.
Often, all it takes is a controlled encounter with a live bat through a wildlife guide or zookeeper and the horror spell is permanently broken.