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zonked / обалдевший, ошалевший, ошалелый
имя прилагательное
zonked, gaga, slaphappy, sparrow-blasted
spacey, woozy, spacy, zonked
spacy, woozy, spacey, zonked
besotted, intoxicated, dopey, blotto, dopy, zonked
имя прилагательное
under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
the others got zonked on acid
hit or strike.
Charley really zonked me
fall or cause to fall suddenly and heavily asleep or lose consciousness.
I always just zonk out and sleep straight through
I'm pretty zonked and I could use some rest, especially if I'm going to get to the gym tomorrow.
I still feel pretty zonked , as it would appear I am coming down with another random illness (make the bad man stop!
Curious, he decided to do a little experiment: how much of Sahara's guard was up when she was completely zonked ?
Two hours later the kids were zonked out and Tanya and I were talking on the couches in the front room.
The young pilots of Galactica's battleship fleet are perpetually zonked on uppers.
Lunch on Saturday was fun, and D stayed around a little afterwards, but I was so zonked after a week of getting to Battersea for 9am, that he went home.
Friday night dinner at L&S's, where we were all pretty zonked .
Sean sprawled out across the rear seat right after their meal; he was still zonked .
Mums think their baby is zonked and rush them off to bed, but they're just digesting their food.
Right now, I'm really quite zonked and I think it's time for bed.