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zone / зона, пояс, полоса
имя существительное
zone, area, region, range, belt, district
belt, zone, girdle, waistband, sash, chord
band, strip, stripe, streak, lane, zone
district, area, region, neighborhood, borough, zone
район отделения связи
разделять на зоны
zone, district
устанавливать зональный тариф
устанавливать зональные цены
gird, encircle, begird, belt, girth, zone
имя существительное
an area or stretch of land having a particular characteristic, purpose, or use, or subject to particular restrictions.
a pedestrian zone
a belt or girdle worn around a person's body.
divide into or assign to zones, in particular.
encircle as or with a band or stripe.
The southeastern horizon is zoned with a mellow uniform band of light.
The Courthouse car park would be improved, and a pedestrian zone created at the front entrance.
‘Palmate’ sclerites are situated in the dorsal zone of the animal's body.
On the ice, I had the puck and I was bringing it into the zone when this big player came up next to me and lined up to hit me.
Like modern frogs, she says, the bones show an inner zone of yellow, fatty marrow, encircled by an outer zone of red marrow.
United are still in the relegation zone
a zone of easterly winds
In the cambial zone , at least three patterns of cell differentiation can be distinguished.
The curse seemed to have come to an end as the Rangers cleared their zone and some players piled off the bench to start celebrating.
Heslington gained their first win of the season and moved out of the relegation zone when they beat Londesbrough Park by seven wickets.
The Wild spent most of their expansion draft picks acquiring players who can cover the defensive zone .