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zombie / зомби, оживший мертвец, оборотень
имя существительное
zombie, zombi
оживший мертвец
zombie, zombi
werewolf, werwolf, wolfman, turnskin, zombi, zombie
глупый человек
birdbrained, wampus, zombi, zombie
скучный человек
bore, dull beggar, dull fish, prosaist, bromide, zombie
имя существительное
a corpse said to be revived by witchcraft, especially in certain African and Caribbean religions.
And we are in love with vampires, ghosts, murders, zombies , and basically anything weird!
a tall mixed drink consisting of several kinds of rum, liqueur, and fruit juice.
Try drinking the Zombie , but don't have too many.
As D-Day approached I became a zombie , all distant stares and unresponsive grunts.
Several singular moments (far off zombie screams, the opening drone of the dead) are just spine tingling.
And before any brainwashed zombie starts screaming that I am trivialising rape, it is this very situation which is doing so.
The kid attacks the boyfriend when he foolishly goes to see what's wrong with the child who turns him into a psycho blood thirsty zombie and forces Ana to flee for her life.
Now I face a mystery tour on a ropey coach: I'm going to be a zombie all day, and in grave danger of slumping into my gravy over lunch.
No person, zombie or human, walked in those streets, and the industrial city was dark and quiet as the sun rose into the sky on the cold late September day.
I stopped… progressing for a while, a sort of zombie of my former self.
One woman described herself as a ‘walking zombie for a week and a half’ as she waited for her biopsy results.
Either that or I have to start drinking more and get used to feeling like a damn zombie the next day.
This argument assumes, of course, that everyone who smokes marijuana will become some sort of zombie , and as such is a worst-case scenario.