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zit / прыщик
имя существительное
a pimple on the skin.
Where were the black rimmed glasses, the transparently white skin, the insufferable rash of zits that should be covering his face?
The holiday season kicks into full gear this week and I've just noticed that there is what clearly looks like the beginnings of a huge red zit on my nose.
His honesty, feyness and his ability to laugh at himself, (such as when he discovers a zit on his nose during the interview), contributes to his charm.
I look at the photo of me at sixteen with dyed black hair and a zit on my chin and think, ‘why did they let me out in public?’
It turns out that he had this big zit on his forehead and he didn't want to be on TV where everyone would see this huge zit .
My skin is pretty much clear but for this one zit .
I found that immediately after starting this practice, my occasional chin-area zit and ingrown neck hairs almost completely stopped happening.
One unwashed individual came out with a rash of zits .
Unfortunately, there is much myth surrounding the causation of the zits .
We had no money, no fashion to speak of, no make-up, and zits .
Frequently covered in zits , freckles and pockmarks, his character's faces are detailed in their expressiveness without being overly polished.