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zip / промелькнуть, быть полным энергии, быть энергичным
zip, shoot, glimpse, shoot out, shoot past, shoot along
быть полным энергии
быть энергичным
имя существительное
резкий звук
scream, jangle, snap, jar, zip, bray
свист пули
треск разрываемой ткани
energy, power, vigor, vitality, intensity, zip
temperament, mettle, humor, blood, pepper, zip
имя существительное
a zipper.
Miss Stephenson was wearing black baggy knee-length combat trousers covered in zips and chains, and knee-length stripy socks with white Adidas trainers.
energy; vigor.
he's full of zip
fasten with a zipper.
I zipped up my sweater
move at high speed.
swallows zipped back and forth across the lake
nothing at all.
you got zip to do with me and my kind, buddy
It's a urethane-laminated pack with welded waterproof seam construction with a truly water tight zip .
Anybody who needs to correct someone about beauty college not being a real college has a navy bean for a heart and a kindness quotient of zip .
On reflection now, though Mary-Kate or Ashley look pretty good in black leather skirt and matching zip mini-top, fishnets and boots.
Meanwhile, as with any circuit, you'll zip from one move to the next without resting, keeping your heart rate - and calorie burn - high.
A different Bees side emerged for the second half, and a more familiar zip characterised all they tried to do.
Both men ran off down Lomeshaye Road with the bag, which contained £125 cash in a black, zip purse, and some cosmetics.
He didn't appear to have much zip or intensity and dropped some catchable balls.
Players and nonplayers alike get aced out of cherished, indispensable things all the time and get zip in return, so it seems only reasonable to want to balance the equation a little.
He was wearing black tracksuit bottoms and a blue Adidas zip top.
you got zip to do with me and my kind, buddy