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zinnia / цинния
имя существительное
имя существительное
an American plant of the daisy family that is widely cultivated for its bright showy flowers.
Annuals and perennials such as snapdragons, daisies, zinnias , and, of course, peonies and roses are old favorites.
A black and green garden collection of 96 plants costs £120 and includes dark dahlias, cosmos, perilla and scabiosa and green euphorbias, gladiolus and zinnia .
The color scheme is rich yellow and dark red, from plants such as coreopsis, creeping zinnia , ‘Garnet’ penstemon, pineapple sage, rudbeckia, and yarrow.
Reserve some space for colorful annuals like zinnia , marigold, calendula, alyssum, and cosmos.
But then I put in a few rows of zinnias to sell at a farmers' market, and was surprised at how well they sold.
Sow frost-tender annuals, such as sunflowers. zinnias and cosmos, when all danger of frost is past, night temperatures are in the 50s and days are warm.
Annuals with good deer resistance include ageratum, ice plant, pincushion flower, verbena and zinnias .
A brand new cutting garden will contain an assortment of dahlias, zinnias and petunias.
Sow annual flowers such as asters, cosmos, zinnias and marigolds as soon as the frost has passed and the air begins to warm up.
On the opposite side of the pathway, zinnias and shorter varieties of sunflowers - great for cutting - grow in an informal row.
This day we had frost, and the zinnias , dahlias, and blue ageratum died.