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zillion / мильона
an extremely large number of people or things.
we had zillions of customers
I'm trying to do, like, a zillion pelvic floor exercises a day.
His Civil War epic turned out to be composed of sets, costumes, coiffures, tinsel and hype - and the movie made zillions .
He inflicted the aural atrocity that is ‘The Frog's Chorus’ on zillions of unprotected eardrums.
Stock prices are soaring, jobs are being created by the zillions , people are buying fabulous new homes, and there's caviar in every pot!
We spend millions and zillions of dollars on the space program, the Hubbell Telescope.
I sighed and closed my eyes wondering for the zillionth time if I had been too rash in my decision to get the hell out of New York.
‘I'd like to be a famous rock star with a million zillions of dollars,’ she says.
There are zillions of people - not zillions , millions and millions of people in this country who know exactly what's going on.
We are way over stock on quarks, we have zillion and zillions .
The public knows in its water that throwing zillions into the black hole of virtually unreformed public services does not work.