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zilch / пшик, ничто
имя существительное
nothing, nothingness, naught, zilch, zero, ought
I did absolutely zilch
not any; no.
the character has zilch class
they knew absolutely zilch about rock 'n' roll
My suspicion is that the national poll numbers mean zilch and that this election is going to be decided in the marginals.
the character has zilch class
Although AmEx has spent zilch on promotion, some would-be customers go to absurd lengths to get what they see as a must-have status symbol.
Arizona quietly added another 24 points to zilch for Georgia.
As an added bonus, since I know absolutely zilch about Bob Fosse, I could not take serious issue with the choreography like the obnoxious couple sitting next to me.
the character has zilch class
An empty-headed outrage that achieved the usual zilch and is now well forgotten of course, but that's not the point.
It can give me a broader perspective on my industry, which might come in handy, but it's going to do zilch for what's stirring in my fume hood.
I simply wanted to point out my lack of experience, i.e. zilch and zero, of attending major rock concerts.