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zero-sum / нулевой суммой
имя прилагательное
(of a game or situation) in which whatever is gained by one side is lost by the other.
altruism is not a zero-sum game
In the larger game, the logic is not zero-sum : everybody can win.
The second type of compromise is zero-sum , where a benefit to one side requires sacrifice by the other.
In a zero-sum competitive scenario, the parent and progeny directly compete over resources in the same market position, making the success of the offspring inversely related to the success of the parent.
Businesses are discovering that mediational modes arc cheaper and more effective than litigation-precisely because of the adversarial, zero-sum nature of litigation.
For example, if it is viewed as a zero-sum aggressor-defender situation, one party's gain is the other's loss.
There is no returning to the old days of Father Knows Best corporatism, of top-down command-and-control leadership, of low-road, zero-sum competition.
The capitalist makes his bid in a positive-sum context; the government's game is zero-sum even before the auction takes place.
What about the two types of games, zero-sum and non-zero-sum?
The British attitude to immigration and immigrants has always been grudging, a mixture of xenophobia and socialist zero-sum economics.
The zero-sum manpower game that Killebrew talks about means that many combat soldiers will be reclassified and retrained.