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zenith / зенит
имя существительное
zenith, meridian, noon, culmination, summit, heyday
имя существительное
the highest point reached by a celestial or other object.
the sun was well past the zenith
In the early 1980s the company was at its zenith .
They were also sceptical about the World Council of Churches, then at its zenith of influence, and they began to preach God's free grace from their pulpits.
It may be in the fall, though, that this place reaches its zenith .
Halfway through the set, McCracken's antics reached a zenith when he performed a drum roll-accompanied backflip ‘just for Toronto.’
Once the sun reached its zenith , it was too hot to even move, let alone travel.
the missile reached its zenith and fell
If technology is the height of modernity, nuclear technology must be considered the zenith of that technology and its highest manifestation.
For me, music is the zenith in our life, the unreachable zenith .
the sun was well past the zenith
Rossini was at the zenith of his career: the London papers referred to him as ‘the first composer of the day‘.