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zeal / рвение, усердие
имя существительное
zeal, eagerness, fervor, ardor, fervency, ardency
zeal, diligence, fervor, industry, assiduity, painstaking
имя существительное
great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective.
his zeal for privatization
I do commend the officers involved upon their zeal and energy.
His rousing words were delivered with such zeal that after a while you even began to believe that he believed what he was saying.
While his zeal is unchallenged, the strength of his evidence remains uncertain.
Today the more religious zeal a person has, the more selfish and heartless he is apt to be.
his zeal for privatization
Extreme nationalism and ideological zeal militated against observing rules of moderation.
She shared her husband's reforming zeal and supported him in his campaigns.
On the manic and almost religious zeal of admirers of the sagas, Lucas noted that he had two fan bases.
The youngest boy had the unreasonable zeal of a brainwashed psychopath.
Charities always have great plans and members who pursue the cause with single-minded zeal .