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yummy / вкусный, аппетитный
имя прилагательное
tasty, savory, yummy, palatable, nice, nutty
appetizing, mouth-watering, palatable, savory, yummy, savoury
имя прилагательное
(of food) delicious.
yummy pumpkin cakes
имя существительное
delicious food.
plates of homemade yummies
They put on a wonderful spread, complete with champagne and yummy cakes.
I love having dinner here as the food is always yummy and I don't have to do any dishes.
This will be a great community event with plenty of yummy curries on offer and fabulous live entertainment.
There also will be yummy food and cold drinks for sale.
We had BBQ and left overs and I managed to make a yummy potato salad.
What I did was make some healthy yummy food for her when she was at my house, then give her the recipes.
Head for cinemas, enjoy videogames and savour those yummy fast foods.
Amanda and Helaina stood in front of the boys, blocking access to the yummy food.
During the 8 days there, the weather was lovely, food was yummy , things were incredibly cheap.
I turned to move out of the lunch with my yummy food towards the table Hyori was sitting at.