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yucca / юкка
имя существительное
yucca, pita
имя существительное
a plant of the agave family with stiff swordlike leaves and spikes of white bell-shaped flowers that are dependent upon the yucca moth for fertilization, found especially in warm regions of North America and Mexico.
Blue rescue retains its color all winter, as do yuccas ' sword-like leaves.
A six-foot yucca plant, still in the pot, had its leaves burned into stumps.
Yesterday someone in the IT dept brought me up a yucca plant to look after.
Some nutritious vegetables enjoyed by Panamanians are plantain, yellow yam, yucca , and bread fruit.
Snow weighs heavily along the branches of ponderosa pines and buries a yucca to the tips of its spears.
Grow thorny plants like agave, barberry, cactus, Natal plum, and yucca under rear windows.
Another indestructible plant that grows directly in the sand is the yucca .
If you want something striking, go for a plant with architectural interest such as yucca or phormium.
We are not certain what is going on in New Mexico, whose state bird is the road runner and whose state flower is the yucca .
It searches among the yucca cactuses and Joshua trees for a lonely radar station atop a mountain peak.
The minute you convert your entire yard to yucca and yarrow, you're sure to be visited by the one deer in America that prefers these plants.