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youth / молодежь, молодость, юность
имя существительное
youth, young people, young
youth, youthfulness, adolescence, juvenility, green
youth, adolescence, juvenility, juvenescence, nonage
youth, lad, youngster, adolescent, stripling, juvenile
young animals, youth, younger generation
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
the period between childhood and adult age.
he had been a keen sportsman in his youth
young people considered as a group.
middle-class youth have romanticized poverty
The double standard that black youth feel operating in their communities is undermining their faith in black leaders to walk their talk.
The family oriented residential event offered a full programme of presentations, seminars and workshops for the youth and adults.
The book was timely, arriving at a time when youth culture was just kicking off in Britain, and linked nicely with the existentialist thought slowly filtering in from France.
An affinity with Britain's emerging youth culture is already apparent in his debut feature It's Trad, Dad!
There are at least two key aspects of youth culture in 1980s Britain which, I feel, will never be ‘revived’.
She shows how Hispanic minors are poised to overtake African Americans as the largest ethnic youth population in the country.
youth culture
A second youth was struck in the head, reportedly with a chair.
In terms of the severity, there was no difference between the youth and adult groups.
But as a callow youth and a shallow adult, I turned to the Flat and frankly didn't much care for the jumps.