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youngster / мальчик, юноша, юнец
имя существительное
boy, lad, youngster, houseboy, man-child
youth, lad, youngster, adolescent, stripling, juvenile
youngster, stripling, chicken, cub, shaver, shaveling
young, cub, calf, baby, youngling, youngster
имя существительное
a child, young person, or young animal.
Members are organising a transport survey to find out how youngsters get to school.
He's a boy, a youngster , a son, a husband, a lover, a king and a victim of my ambitions.
The prize will only be awarded if the youngster was at school for the selected session.
The youngster 's life was changed suddenly when he was going to the fair with friends.
The girl then took the youngster to Woolwich town centre and told her to go into a shop to replace her wet clothes.
It has been a troubled late adolescence for the youngster and those around him.
Newspaper reports said that the dead youngster was a Bengali girl from east London.
These youngsters are living in gutters and sewers and sleeping under trees at night.
Confused youngsters think their school has been renamed after the pub down the road!
Clare says it is designed to aid youngsters in their vital early years by having fun with music.
Street corners may not seem so attractive to youngsters once they set eyes on a new youth centre.