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yoo-hoo / кричать 'эй'
кричать 'эй'
a call used to attract attention to one's arrival or presence.
Yoo-hoo!—Is anyone there?
I remember they left the door open and I yoo-hooed but no one answered.
I knocked once and then yoo-hooed for Mama as I led Jeremy through the open front screen and down the hall to the kitchen, where Mama was making herself a salad for dinner.
Dame Nellie Melba met them at the wharf, yoo-hooing at the top of her substantial voice and bustling the new arrivals off the ship, ignoring the officials who tried to forbid her.
So, in a nut shell, I had hardened myself to these cat-calling, whistling, yoo-hooing yo-yos.
Neighbor lady knocked on the back door and yoo-hooed .
Treadwell yoo-hoos wildly.
The excited girls, rain dripping from their hats, waved and yoo-hooed wildly from the back of the cab.