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yolk / желток, яичный желток, жиропот
имя существительное
yolk, yellow, yelk
яичный желток
имя существительное
the yellow internal part of a bird's egg, which is surrounded by the white, is rich in protein and fat, and nourishes the developing embryo.
These new noodles substitute soy flour for semolina flour and may contain egg whites or yolks to boost protein.
In this study, we investigated differences in maternally deposited yolk testosterone and DHT in relation to diet quality.
An estimate of the daily amount of yolk deposited on developing ova and the sequence of laying are important when evaluating the total cost of egg production.
Fleischer used gel electrophoresis to discriminate yolk allozymes sampled from eggs laid by several female cowbirds.
In contrast to the fluid yolk of atherinomorphs, yolk is organized into globules in other taxa.
For example, yolk was present in male blood plasma, which is highly abnormal.
a mass of yolk
The yolks were homogenized with 1 ml water per gram of yolk.
Females are ovoviviparous, retaining yolked embryos without nourishing them.
It was my turn to catch the eggs. 69 yolked and 67 yolkless , a somewhat unusual proportion.
In bowl, whisk together sugar and yolks until light yellow and foamy.