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yogurt / йогурт
имя существительное
yoghurt, yogurt
имя существительное
a semisolid sourish food prepared from milk fermented by added bacteria, often sweetened and flavored.
Chilled soup of Jaffa orange and natural yoghurt and oregano ice cream is served in the summer.
Le Petit Suisse is not yogurt , but a very rich little pot of fresh, sweet fromage frais.
You can freeze your starter yogurt in ice cube trays so that it is convenient to have on hand.
There is bacteria in yogurt that breaks down lactose prior to digestion.
low-fat yogurt
For a sweet and crunchy snack, mix a handful of bran flakes with some low-fat yogurt .
They began to produce milk and yogurt for sale at the beginning of 1987.
For breakfast I am to have muesli, yogurt and berries, which are all quite delicious.
This dish consists of pork, chicken and veal cooked in yogurt and garlic.
Mix equal parts lowfat mayonnaise and yogurt and use to dress coleslaw or potato salad.
Frozen yogurt is lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than ice cream, and it bursts with flavour.