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yodel / йодль
имя существительное
петь йодлем
имя существительное
a song, melody, or call delivered in a yodel.
I can't hear her curdling yodel .
practice a form of singing or calling marked by rapid alternation between the normal voice and falsetto.
For her encore, after performing about six songs, she yodeled for a minute and left.
It's a good combination, he says - not many bands can scream their guts out and then yodel .
I can't hear her curdling yodel .
With his fingerpicking and his yodel , Sexton takes us to his roots, to the buried sound of another place.
he heard a yodel from below
And when the moment is right, he unleashes his mad falsetto rebel yell, or West Texas yodel .
The high plains yodeler helped the company warble the world mass yodelling record into submission.
Happily, we encountered not one yodeller , nor a single soul wearing lederhosen.
He yodelled manfully.
Revel in the fact that she is a damn fine yodeler .
She is a splendid whistler, yodeller and vocal banjo.