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yip / лай, тявканье
имя существительное
barking, bark, yap, bay, yelp, yip
yelping, yip, yap
squeal, shrill, screech, yelp, shriek, yip
bark, bay, yelp, yip, speak
yelp, yap, yip
scream, give a cry, holler, yaup, yawp, yip
имя существительное
a short, sharp cry or yelp, especially of excitement or delight.
Pound called out, a yip of delight, and called me over.
give a short, sharp cry or yelp.
Coyotes yip in the night air.
They both heard a yip and saw the small puppy looking at Doug with it's teeth bared.
Quaz pounced on the younger boy with a playful yip .
She heard a yip , and then the Great Dane burst around the corner, wagging its tail as if it were playing a game.
She gave a little yip , which sent us all into conniptions of laughter.
She let out a yip of triumph and sent the large staff at my head.
With a yip of joy, she followed her father into the room, and then she felt everything tickle and her vision blurred.
I have moments of delight when I yip for joy as I ride my bicycle through Aspen groves.
Pound called out, a yip of delight, and called me over.
Linus let out a yip ,.
I turned just as Piper gave a short yip and jumped up to run into Blairs arms.