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yet / еще, все же, тем не менее
still, more, yet, else
все же
still, yet, though, nonetheless, even so
тем не менее
nevertheless, nonetheless, yet, still, notwithstanding, all the same
все еще
still, yet
до сих пор
still, so far, till now, yet, hitherto, up to now
but, yet, only, and
все же
but, however, though, yet, notwithstanding
несмотря на это
yet, however
up until the present or a specified or implied time; by now or then.
I haven't told anyone else yet
still; even (used to emphasize increase or repetition).
snow, snow, and yet more snow
nevertheless; in spite of that.
every week she gets worse, and yet it could go on for years
but at the same time; but nevertheless.
the path was dark, yet I slowly found my way
Although the defender hasn't played for them for three years, he still clings to the hope that he might yet make it to the World Cup finals.
the path was dark, yet I slowly found my way
The team is not ready to give up on the class yet , but it would like to see something soon.
We do not care enough about our teachers, and yet we entrust them with our future - our youth.
wait, don't go yet
Nobody can predict the future - yet we know some farmers will see it as decision time.
I have been following his site for months and have yet to find one inaccurate or unfair statement.
York City Knights winger Chris Smith is set for yet more knee surgery - but is confident of returning soon.
He didn't consult with the community yet he declared the future business landscape of the Internet.
I didn't think you'd wake up right yet .