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yesterday / вчера, совсем недавно
совсем недавно
имя существительное
вчерашний день
on the day before today.
he returned to a hero's welcome yesterday
имя существительное
the day before today.
yesterday was Tuesday
I think I can put at least some of my decision on comments below down to the fact I was coming down ill with something and have had to spend yesterday and today at home.
In the insonmiac flux I live in, I seem to have finally conquered time: today is yesterday is tomorrow.
I'll ask him questions about what we did today, yesterday , and about the adventures that we've had in the past.
After yesterday , this is probably the nicest day we've had thus far this year.
However, one of his lawyers said yesterday that today's court date will still have to be honoured since it was ordered.
it wasn't today or yesterday that he started that caper
Well, I think I'm considerably less grumpy and irritable today than yesterday .
Tom Hawthorn is a Victoria sports reporter more interested in yesterday 's stories than today's scores.
the ideas of yesterday
My work computer went wonky now and I lost most of yesterday and today to trying to get my environment working again.