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yer / ер
you are, used in representing dialectal speech.
yer a dang fool
‘I've seen the way ‘e looks at yer luv, no use tryin’ ter fool me he's not keen.’
well, are yer comin'?
Ya sick pervert… Ugh… Fine, go handle yer business while I get this fool's money.
Can't even remember where the room to the boy yer supposed to be protecting is?
Just as we find those blood sports that were historically beloved by yer honest working classes - cock fighting, dog fighting, bear baiting - cruel and thus morally repellent.
I hate mighty bad to bus’ up dis yer ax-helve
The title of this post should really read ‘Who's yer mommy? ‘but when you're showing a photo of a crawdad, it just doesn't make sense, does it?
Enthusiastic about working harder, working smarter, being more considerate… I've got to try and persuade yer average cynical, British worker to bin the habits of a lifetime and start to think ‘Japanese’.
Aren't you supposed to be grateful to someone when they save yer life?
Imagine yer average punter shuffling into the local garage and asking if ‘that’ model has ‘launch’ capabilities, runs better on this tyre or that, and does it have a Formula 1 recommendation?