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yep / да
yes, yeah, yea, yep, yup
yes, yeah, yea, yep
Yep, people have been buying blogcards, and yep , they seem to work.
You know you've botched up the job when the only response you get to a ransom note is: yep , you can keep 'em.
Admits that he behaves like a kid when TOW's around… yep , he does indeed… a spoilt little kid.
Yep, they're repeating the whole thing and yep , I did discover it by stumbling over it channel surfing.
I mean, everything we thought of as you can see, he was like, yep okay.
Yeah, yep , sure, your nephew's an arch printer, of course, from the in-laws side is it?
But now the past is gone, and he's free… Yep yep , well, now the story takes a different turn.
This year's effort was 3 Iron: yep , a reference to a particular sort of golf club.
We step out (dive out) and look through the bonnet's grill - yep , there are flames alright.
I'm an advertising executive; yup , that's right, I pollute the universe.