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yemenite / йеменский
имя прилагательное
Yemeni, Yemenite
имя существительное
Yemeni, Yemenite
Yemenite, Yemeni
имя прилагательное
of or relating to Yemeni Arabs or Jews.
In the Jerusalem attack, the bomber entered the Yemenite falafel cafe on a busy street in the city centre.
имя существительное
a Jew who was, or whose ancestors were, formerly resident in Yemen.
The Jewish Agency claims that the Satmar are indoctrinating the Yemenites into the Satmar's obscure brand of Judaism, while the Satmar claim to have only the purest of humanitarian motives.
He imports spices, fava beans, and fruit nectars from Israel and bakes his own lafah, the Yemenite flatbread that makes his turkey shawarma something special.
When I was eight years old I was already reading a book about Yemenite Jews who had settled in Palestine. I grew up in a traditional home, and the prayers that I recited daily have at least thirty references to Zion.
The Y-chromosome signatures of the Yemenite Jews are also similar to those of other Jewish and Semitic populations.
One of the stand-out tracks on the record is The Last Day - a lugubrious lament that glides between major and minor keys - and it turns out to be a feat of reverse engineering inspired by a sample of an unaccompanied Yemenite singer.
At the beginning she fused modern ballet technique with the softer, grounded style of Yemenite dance but later drew on a wider range of folk traditions.
According to the plan, a larger number of Yemenites living in Monsey were to be smuggled to Israel, but Satmar Hasidim in the township discovered the preparations and prevented their departure.
The holdout record was a Yemenite man who spent about a quarter-century in prison, where he eventually died, rather than comply with a rabbinical court order to divorce his wife.
In his Emma Goldman's Wedding, ethnic references were nicely interwoven in the dance through the stories told by his Yemenite mother, Margalit Oved, a former dancer.
I served the candied eggplant with fresh Malawach which is a popular multilayered fried flatbread brought to Israel by Yemenite Jews.
I got to know the talented and beautiful Israeli-born Yemenite singer during her visits to Tokyo.