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yemen / Йемен
имя существительное
имя существительное
a country in southwestern part of the Arabian peninsula; population 22,858,200 (est. 2009); capital, Sana'a; official language, Arabic. Official name Yemen Republic.
Relations between al-Zarqawi's foreign supporters - who also include Yemenis and north Africans - and the people of Falluja have become increasingly fraught.
I worked in Snaa, Yemen for two years during which I was a community development specialist, working especially with rural Yemeni women.
The 25-year-old Yemeni was hiding out here in the first floor apartment of a building in a city suburb.
Pakistan's president, General Pervez Musharraf, who was in the United States to attend the UN General Assembly debate, said one Egyptian, one Saudi and eight Yemenis were arrested in connection with the raid.
However, Pakistan's border is heavily patrolled by the military, who just a day earlier captured 31 al-Qaida - mostly Yemenis - as they fled Tora Bora for the lawless tribal areas of Pakistan.
Christians who were driven out of the provinces of the Ottoman Empire, Syrians and Palestinians who arrived after the Second World War, Lebanese and Yemenis fleeing their civil wars, have all come to Dearborn in successive waves.
The teams are made up of ethnic minorities not normally associated with football, including a lot of Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Yemenis .
Several people in Jolan said that the foreign fighters - Saudis, Tunisians, Moroccans, Yemenis , and Lebanese, directed by Syrian militants - had been crucial to the defense of the neighborhood.
These is never going to be a day, barring some massive outcry, when the life of a Yemeni woman will get news coverage in the US, except in passing.
The film was pretty good; the nervous Sami's emotionally high-pitched quest to find his Yemeni father.