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yeast / дрожжи, закваска, возбуждение
имя существительное
yeast, leaven, ferment, barm
leaven, ferment, sourdough, yeast, emptyings, barm
excitation, excitement, agitation, stimulation, field, yeast
wander, roam, ferment, prowl, ramble, yeast
имя существительное
a microscopic fungus consisting of single oval cells that reproduce by budding, and are capable of converting sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide.
The yeast cells in the envelope of yeast are the cells that do the work in your loaf of bread.
They would break up and rearrange themselves as the yeast cells reproduced.
Some faulty wines undergo a secondary fermentation in the bottle, due to a small amount of yeast and sugar left inadvertently in the wine.
The yeast uses this sugar in the same way it uses the glucose in white sugar.
This bottle-conditioned ale contains live yeast which allows the beer to develop in the bottle.
As beer brewers do with yeast , the Wiandts drop bits of mycelia into a malt sugar solution.
When you come back to your experiment, you'll notice that yeast cells do a really good job of creating carbon dioxide.
When it came time to bake bread, a cup of this live culture would be added to the dough to provide the yeast needed to leaven the bread.
An inability to transport TPP across membranes was directly demonstrated only in yeast and liver cells.
Vitamin C has been shown to increase the activity of specific white blood cells that ingest and destroy bacteria, yeast and certain cancerous cells.
Like with Mac's in Nelson, there's the pungent, delectable smell of yeast and fermentation.