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yearning / тоска, сильное желание, острая тоска
имя существительное
yearning, anguish, melancholy, depression, longing for, ennui
сильное желание
yearning, desire, urge, aspiration, hunger, lech
острая тоска
имя прилагательное
yearning, wistful, sick
имя существительное
a feeling of intense longing for something.
he felt a yearning for the mountains
имя прилагательное
involving or expressing yearning.
a yearning hope
have an intense feeling of longing for something, typically something that one has lost or been separated from.
she yearned for a glimpse of him
Then, with one yearning look toward her uncle Deane's house, that lay farther down the river, she took to both her oars, and rowed with all her might across the watery fields back toward the Mill.
Taking his cues from such veterans as David Byrne, Moore uses his latest release as a vehicle for exploring the heart of an artist given over to yearning love and crusading anger.
In all the yearning literature this place has spawned, the only indigenous characters are servants and bearers and extras - and that's shaming.
She gazed directly at Ryan with yearning eyes, and Ryan felt like she was speaking specifically of him, which made him feel good.
Its tranquil moments convey a nostalgic yearning common to Japanese folk music.
Running through the film is a yearning nostalgia for the social unity of the war years, remembered fondly as Britain's ‘finest hour’.
He had something of a hungry, yearning look to his face.
The veil was lifted and the eyes moved in close, so close that I imagined I could see clear into her twenty-something spinster soul and the lonely yearning girl beyond.
Then he slowed the sound to a soft, yearning beat.
This yearning goes beyond the simple need for an anthropomorphic father - figure; rather, it goes to the very core of our being.