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yearn / тосковать, жаждать, стремиться
yearn, long, pine, languish, sigh, pant
crave, thirst, covet, hunger, yearn, hanker
seek, aspire, aim, work, gravitate, yearn
languish, pine, yearn
have an intense feeling of longing for something, typically something that one has lost or been separated from.
she yearned for a glimpse of him
some people yearn for a return to monarchy
But deep within, my spirit yearns to hear ‘a new thing’ from the church.
There is a legacy of ice sports in that area and the public is yearning for it to come back.
While those in their 40s and 50s may feel oppressed by their jobs, resenting the daily commute to work and yearning for retirement, we are already free and full of spirit.
A nation yearning for policies that are honest.
There comes a point in every festival where I start yearning for something pure and weighty - not to mention the more comfy seats of the International Festival venues.
But more than that, the human spirit yearns to inspire.
She survived with her instincts and her big warm heart which yearned to reach out for a feeling she had never felt before.
Your adventurous spirit yearns for a different exercise to take you out of the doldrums of yet another boring workout.
I couldn't recognise the yearner of the poems in this woman of sass and spirit.