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yearly / годовой, ежегодный, длящийся год
имя прилагательное
annual, yearly, anniversary
annual, yearly, anniversary
длящийся год
yearly, perennial, yearlong
раз в год
каждый год
yearly, year by year, year after year, from year to year
имя прилагательное
happening or produced once a year or every year.
yearly visits to Africa
Annual or yearly performance results will generally have an overriding importance.
It was a very good day, so good the trip became a yearly tradition well into my college years.
She visited her relatives in Castledermot on a yearly basis when her brother and sister were alive.
Her ties with Scotland have remained strong with yearly visits to see family and friends up North.
It's a yearly miracle that's been taking place since 1990, and each is better than the one before.
His comments come after the publication of the yearly crime figures.
He said this month all 82 hackney carriages had passed their yearly inspection.
However, this is an isolated incident among the 80,000 council tax accounts we handle yearly .
We've got the yearly circus in the field near our tower block again.
Janet continued to go for yearly check-ups and was told she was clear.