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yearling / годовалый
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
inductee, conscript, recruit, draftee, yearling, selectee
годовалое животное
seedling, plant, transplant, root, set, yearling
имя существительное
an animal (especially a sheep, calf, or foal) a year old, or in its second year.
He mates them to a Charolais bull and keeps the calves until they are yearlings .
имя прилагательное
having lived or existed for a year; a year old.
a yearling calf
It can add weight to yearling cattle or increase cow condition prior to winter.
In contrast, Kastelic et al. monitored inseminated yearling heifers for signs of pregnancy.
Mulholland, whose farm mainly breeds to sell for the yearling market, said he was buying at OBS for the first time.
Simple correlations were derived for growth and fertility traits from the yearling bulls at Location 1.
Peeples also purchased the second highest-priced yearling of the day when he bid $57,000 for a chestnut colt from the first crop of Just a Cat.
Seattle Dancer's enduring moment of fame came in July 1985 when offered at the Keeneland July selected yearling sale at the height of the boom in the yearling market.
Named after the famous explorer, Tom Crean the ram is a fine animal, a good scotch yearling bred by a Dingle sheep farmer who has a reputationn for producing hardy sheep.
The second most expensive yearling on the day was an Indian Charlie colt out of the Dawn Quixote mare Caliente Lace.
The effect of varying levels of Ca on bone density of yearling horses is reported in Table 4.
Growth rates and skeletal development of yearling horses have been shown to be reduced if concentrate intake is restricted to less than ad libitum intake during two daily feeding periods.