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yearbook / ежегодник
имя существительное
annual, yearbook, almanac, annals
имя существительное
an annual publication giving current information and listing events or aspects of the previous year, especially in a particular field.
Yearbook of Physical Anthropology
In 1971 for Oprah's high school yearbook picture, she sported a really cool flip do and she was voted most popular in her senior yearbook .
How about five one-year subscriptions to the yearbook itself?
He'd seen my picture from the yearbook , and he later asked me out.
The yearbook presents a comprehensive picture of Ireland today.
His offences came to light in January when the club's chairman telephoned him to ask why a £4,000 bill for printing the yearbook had not been paid.
The last high school homecoming week, the last prom, and the best yearbook .
I closed the hardcover of the yearbook and slipped it back on the book shelf next to the journal that I kept through high school and am still keeping.
It is the first international edition of his annual hockey yearbook series.
Five nurses are pictured in the 1947 Roswell Air Field yearbook .
Every January, Seed Savers publishes a yearbook that lists all the seeds being maintained by our members.