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yeah / да
yes, yeah, yea, yep, yup
yes, yeah, yea, yep
Well, yeah , obviously him, but who will he get to do the press conferences in Arabic?
Then they come on and sing and you just think, yeah , nice song, they can sing okay, so what?
It seemed a bit weird having a festival in the middle of town, but I'm looking forward to this, yeah .
He doesn't apologise, just tacitly admits that yeah , maybe it is all these things.
Yeah yeah , I know, self promotion and all that, but I still really like this version.
Or do we meet it head-on, admit that, yeah , we have a chance and not hide away from it?
Oh, Ok, I didn't have a bloody clue where I was, but I found my way home in the end, yeah ?
yeah, I know, but what about Seán?
So yeah , it appears I have many a good music tale to tell during my exploits over the years.
I really had made a concious effort to speak more and stuff, so yeah , I am still a little miffed.