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yea / да, даже, больше того
yes, yeah, yea, yep, yup
even, actually, very, yet, nay, yea
больше того
moreover, what is more, furthermore, yea
yes, yeah, yea, yep
имя существительное
agreement, consent, harmony, accordance, accord, yea
утвердительный ответ
голос 'за'
content, placet, yea
agree, consent, accept, comply, admit, yea
she has the right to say yea or nay
имя существительное
an affirmative answer.
the assembly would give the final yea or nay
Surely, it must be the members to say yea or nay, and I have no problem with the party deciding - that's the point of democracy.
As it turned out, about six of the questions were unanswerable, unless you wanted to boil down your various views to a yea or nay.
From now on, every three months we will have to send their details to immigration again to get them to say yea or nay.
Once have I spoken; but I will not answer: yea , twice; but I will proceed no further.
he was full, yea, crammed with anxieties
What, you must be wondering, is the correct response, yea or nay?
He has demanded that U.S. Trade Representative Robert B. Zoellick apply tighter restrictions to them before Congress votes yea or nay.
A two-month ballot period will follow for a vote of yea or nay, with only editorial comments allowed.
But a moment's thought leads you to the obvious corollary: Republicans control the Senate, which means it was Republicans, not just Democrats, who didn't want to be tied down to a firm yea or nay.
The goal of the TRAC will be to propose a new tax system which will get a quick decision from Congress, yea or nay.