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yclept / именуемый, называемый
имя прилагательное
called, yclept, hight
called, hight, yclept
имя прилагательное
by the name of.
a lady yclept Eleanora
Why art thou so oddly yclept , so whimsically named - oh, got it, you play the HARP.
It is I who is yclept the fool, but…’ Roger punched him out before he could finish, but when I explained Vertumnus was my fool he left in disgust.
It also leads to pronouncing two double consonants when you speak the word; cl and pt. Yclept means named as in ‘I have a dog yclept Rover.’
Taking advantage of the disposition you express to hear from the ‘dear public,’ I beg to submit a few reflections concerning the idiosyncrasies of that part of our city yclept ‘The Street’.