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yawp / глазеть, вскрикнуть, зевать во весь рот
stare, gape, gawp, rubberneck, yawp, rubber
scream, give a cry, holler, yaup, yawp, yip
зевать во весь рот
yaup, yawp
разевать рот
yaup, yawp
драть горло
yaup, yawp
shout or exclaim hoarsely.
I yawp when you stop breathing because in you is my own wish to survive.
имя существительное
a harsh or hoarse cry or yelp.
Gripping the Ruler with two hands, he launched himself at the demon with a barbaric yawp .
He does not defiantly explode, he chokes, takes a last glorious breath for his mighty yawp and fumbles the exhale.
therefore his yawp is tolerated, even appreciated
Showing a figure on a bridge letting out a barbaric yawp of existential angst, ‘Skrik’ is frequently reproduced and parodied - a popular beach item is a reproduction of the screamer as an inflatable pillow.
the cur did not bark, other than a single yawp
Amid the ensuing communal yawp is one unconverted smartass - a cipher, if you will, for a music scene fraught with carefully cultivated, ultimately unrevealing, laughably insecure projections of ‘cool’ - who yells back, ‘I'm dead!’
The resulting yawp was one of terror and betrayal.
The countdown began and with a war yawp Patton blasted into the sky.
Gripping the Ruler with two hands, he launched himself at the demon with a barbaric yawp .
The British rapper has a strangled yawp of a voice (occasionally he swallows his words whole), his rhymes are all about the rough patches of street life and romance, and his stage name suggests a teetering instability.
For my money, it's when Alien swells his chest and lets out his yawp that he writes most compellingly.