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yaw / рыскание
имя существительное
yaw, yawing
отклоняться от курса
yaw, sag, sheer
имя существительное
a twisting or oscillation of a moving ship or aircraft around a vertical axis.
This system is designed to compensate for wind and heel and control roll, yaw and surge.
(of a moving ship or aircraft) twist or oscillate about a vertical axis.
the jet yawed sharply to the right
Aloft upon the mast, the figure stood, uncompromising to the gale and pitch and yaw of the ship.
The BEA in its interim report maintains that the leftward yaw was caused not by incorrectly assembled landing gear but by loss of thrust from the number-one and two engines.
This system is designed to compensate for wind and heel and control roll, yaw and surge.
In straight and level flight, it's not so bad, but in turbulence or in turns, that yaw starts up and it takes some concentration to get it stopped.
applying the opposite rudder will tend to reduce the yaw
This will reduce your adverse yaw and improve your single-engine handling characteristics.
Roll, pitch, and yaw to starboard were all unaffected, she just couldn't yaw to port!
Her parley had trailed into long, idle hours, and their speech was often punctuated with the raucous clatter of several bottles of rum and stale wine rolling to and fro in the pitch and yaw of the anchored ship.
Also monitored on many systems is yaw , an aspect of aircraft technology automakers have learned from.
And while this yaw may cause a kayaker to feel off-kilter, a boat designed to turn less easily would be more suited to carrying freight than negotiating Class V rapids or rough seas.