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yarn / пряжа, нить, длинный рассказ
имя существительное
thread, yarn, filament, fiber, clue, funiculus
длинный рассказ
рассказывать басни
fable, yarn
chat, talk, dangle, chatter, prattle, yarn
имя существительное
spun thread used for knitting, weaving, or sewing.
There was a guy in there showing a girl how to spin yarn using a spindle.
a long or rambling story, especially one that is implausible.
The open fire is a focal point around which many yarns are spun and stories told.
tell a long or implausible story.
they were yarning about local legends and superstitions
The plan now is to get hold of some fleece or other spinnable fibre, infuse it with power from various herbs and additives, spin it into yarn using my magic spindle, then weave it into magical cloth.
My mother sewed most of my clothes as a child, so I have an affinity for patterns, cloth, thread and yarn .
The use of wool, cotton, silk, flax, or some other plant or animal fibre yarn or thread to produce textiles of various sorts by criss-crossing the yarns together in at least two directions.
Older women continue to weave long, colorful sashes with red wool yarn on a white cotton background.
The floor was littered with baskets of differently-colored yarn and thread, and a few spinning wheels stood near the far end of the chamber.
I have crewel yarn and silk thread, and I'm determined to make something of it.
The detective yarn is one of the most formally defined modes of storytelling.
As all wine drinkers know, the Australian wine story is a great yarn .
Zhang created a steelworks at Wuhan, textile mills, and factories producing cement, glass, paper, cotton yarn and cloth, and leather goods.
Ann Kemp left Lancashire in the mid-1980s to farm on Islay, hand shearing her own rare breed sheep, spinning their wool into yarn , dyeing it with natural dyes and knitting it.