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yardstick / критерий, мерило, мерка
имя существительное
criterion, test, measure, yardstick, touchstone, hallmark
measure, standard, criterion, yardstick, test, metewand
measure, yardstick, size
измерительная линейка
yardstick, yard-measure, yard-wand
измерительная рулетка
yardstick, yard-measure, yard-wand
имя существительное
a measuring rod a yard long, typically divided into inches.
After tamping a few square feet, use a yardstick or a ruler to measure the tamped depth.
It could be overturned by Parliament, but at least parliament would have a yardstick to measure itself by.
By this period, however, it had come to be recognised as a classic of the new genre, and a yardstick against which to compare subsequent product.
Another yardstick by which to measure last night's debate was everything each candidate said entirely accurate.
league tables are not the only yardstick of schools' performance
Equality requires a common yardstick , or measure of judgement, not a plurality of meanings.
It is only at the end-point that, for want of a better yardstick , a probabilistic test is applied.
They are the perfect twoseome, whose relationship is looked upon as solid and ideal, a yardstick if you will for others to measure up to, an unshakeable bond.
Diversity is still measured by the yardstick developed by Russian scientist N I Vavilov half a century ago.
Use a yardstick or steel tape measure, never a cloth tape measure.
This is a useful yardstick when comparing highly indebted companies in a particular industry with lowly indebted ones.