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yard / двор, ярд, сад
имя существительное
courtyard, yard, court, outdoors, garth, out-of-doors
garden, yard, grounds, garth, pleasure ground
park, fleet, parkland, garden, stock, yard
drive in, fold, huddle, pen, bay, yard
имя существительное
a unit of linear measure equal to 3 feet (0.9144 meter).
On the half hour mark Brian Pendergast let fly with a right foot shot from twenty yards .
a cylindrical spar, tapering to each end, slung across a ship's mast for a sail to hang from.
The Captain motioned with his eyes and his head to the main mast top yard .
100 dollars; a 100 dollar bill.
a piece of ground adjoining a building or house.
The house is surrounded by a wrought iron railing to the front and the rear yard extends 3.25 metres.
store or transport (timber) in or to a log yard.
On this site, they tackle the block in smaller segments completing some falling and then yarding that wood before moving on.
(of deer or moose) gather as a herd for the winter.
When snow is deep and moose '' yard '' together, they are more accessible in greater numbers to wolves.
The area which used to be the service yard for Tesco would be transformed into a riverside arena, resembling an amphitheatre.
tiny houses with the lavatory in the yard
Prosecuting counsel Amy Nicholson told the court that on January 23 the police searched the yard of a business run by Murphy and Sanderson.
Their recreation area is a yard , measuring 45 feet by 20, with a steel mesh covering on top.
it cost two hundred up front—one yard for Maurice, one for the girl
To the rear of the school there is a large yard surrounded by an imposing tall stone wall.
a storage yard
How many inches equal a yard is not something subject to daily fluctuations on the free or any other market.
My father has a little family business, a scrap-metal business with a yard and lorry.
When in doubt about the grade of wood or its suitability for a particular use, always check with your lumber yard or local building department.