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yap / лай, пасть, трепло
имя существительное
barking, bark, yap, bay, yelp, yip
jaws, maw, trap, yap, chap, chops
yelping, yip, yap
yelp, yap, yip
пронзительно лаять
chat, talk, dangle, chatter, prattle, yap
give a sharp, shrill bark.
the dachshunds yapped at his heels
имя существительное
a sharp, shrill bark.
And there is no chorus of dogs, locked in yards alone, whose barks and yaps and howls, at most other times of the year, bounce from ridge to ridge, amplified by winds.
a person's mouth.
he should keep his yap shut
Sebastian echoed our sentiments with a well-placed yap .
If they can't see that it's the lack of political yap yap that has done it for the Tories then there really is no hope.
she'll give you a lot of yap
Williams wants to frame the girl's abusive boyfriend for his crime in exchange for shutting his yap about the shooting in the fog.
We went through three tantrums before I lost my temper and snapped that we were leaving this store and never coming back if he didn't shut his yap and behave himself right quick.
When your opponent is suffering a steady stream of self-inflicted wounds… that's a good time to keep your yap shut.
Imagine for a moment that you're a Chihuahua, that is, that you're a tiny, almost decorative dog, with a yap rather than a bark, and yap that is worse than your bite.
Nell walked over to a group of guys so I was stuck listening to Curley Sue yap away.
The devices don't have to be within six inches of one other, or even facing each other at all, which is why people put the phones in their pockets and just yap away on their mounted headset.
I'm not usually one to get involved in other peoples idiosyncrasies, but as the waitress walked away, I just couldn't shut my yap .