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yank / янки, рывок, дерганье
имя существительное
Yankee, yank
jerk, spurt, dash, tug, snatch, yank
pull, wrench, pluck, yank, lug
pull, twitch, yank, jerk, pull at, yank out
налегать с размаху на рычаг
имя существительное
a sudden hard pull.
one of the other girls gave her ponytail a yank
pull with a jerk.
her hair was yanked, and she screamed
The two soldiers grinned at their prey and, with a sharp yank , the one on her left ripped the arrow out of her shoulder.
A simple yank on the bars timed to coincide with a pedal stroke is often sufficient to get things started.
Madison inhales and holds her breath while Greta grabs the ends of the corset string and gives them a hard yank .
With a quick yank , she pulled Shiloh in, and tied the rope to the fence.
For starters, grab your cap from the rear of the cap, place it over your knee and give a good hard yank .
With a hard yank from Bren, Pryce managed to flop across the horse's back on his stomach.
I walked towards it cautiously and with a quick yank , pulled away the covers.
Eventually with a hefty yank and a banshee-like howl (from me, not Ian), the damn thing came out.
one of the other girls gave her ponytail a yank
A sudden yank , and she flew out of the water like a bird, being dragged up, and pulled over the railing.