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yammer / нытье, жалобы
имя существительное
nagging, whining, yammer
lament, lamentation, jeremiad, yammer
complain, lament, beef, grumble, moan, yammer
whine, ache, complain, hurt, nag, yammer
болтать без умолку
yammer, talk away
говорить глупости
talk nonsense, haver, bleat, yammer
нести вздор
rot, gammon, yammer
make a loud repetitive noise.
Swarms of scooters yammered hysterically past, sounding like runaway chainsaws.
имя существительное
loud and sustained or repetitive noise.
the yammer of their animated conversation
Mark slammed the door to the manor; he was tired of listening to his father yammer on.
the yammer of their animated conversation
And here I am now, with the shades lowered and foam rammed in my ears, only to find out that nothing filters out the jackhammers that yammer at over 110 decibels an hour.
At the moment the TVs broadcast a repeating loop of one of the Guerilla News Network's pastiched send-ups of Bush's war yammer from last year - another scathing and witty but oft-screened bit of insurgent Final Cut Pro handiwork.
There, Confederate suddenly comes to life with a yammer and a hiss, the clang of metal being shaped by men whose grease- and nicotine-stained hands are both rough and knowing.
That's enough ganglia to mime an opera of emotions: a yammer of remorse, perhaps, or a blunt ‘sit on it.’
the yammer of enemy fire
the yammer of enemy fire
I could just yammer on long enough now to make it so that you'll have to scroll down to see it.
the yammer of their animated conversation