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yah / Да ну?
Да ну?
имя существительное
an upper-class person.
the cafe is full of yahs whose daddies own chateaux in France
expressing derision.
yah, you missed!
yah, you missed!
Oh and his wife was 6'8 ‘tall, so yah for her as well!’
I prattle on about how much I love my country, and generally portray myself as a bit of a little Englander, yah boo sucks to you johnny foreigner etc, and in the most part that's true.
We eat special food, we wear special clothes, we recite special words, our God's gonna beat up your God, boo yah .
We shall also know then whether the remarkable new chamber encourages the spirit of constructive dialogue which Miralles sought, or whether it is back to yah boo in the worst traditions of Westminster.
Iguana's close proximity to Edinburgh University means it gets more than its fair share of students, although young professionals and the pre-club crowd do their bit to dilute the yah factor.
Yes I know, anyone taking the time to read my blog will have NO clue what I'm talking about - but hey, I do and its my blog so yah boo sucks to you LOL
yah, you missed!
we can go right now, ok, yah
Christopher Hitchens, who has bravely risked isolation from former allies like Edward Said and Susan Sontag, let himself down in the Guardian when he taunted the peaceniks with: ‘Well, ha ha ha and yah , boo.’