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x-rated / только для взрослых, порнографический, непристойный
имя прилагательное
только для взрослых
pornographic, porno, blue, curious, X-rated
obscene, indecent, lewd, unseemly, salacious, X-rated
имя прилагательное
pornographic or indecent.
there was some X-rated humor
Question difficulty ranges from: ‘What was the first X-rated film to be shown at a British Royal Command performance?’
Second, in the world of 10 adult channels and pay-per-view, X-rated movies, can you really afford to throw a family channel off the air in this regulatory environment?
It was basically considered an X-rated film and shown in places like the ‘nudie booths’ in Times Square.
Draper regards Playboy magazine as pornographic and has demanded the government stop all X-rated videos.
This didn't seem to be a problem, until one manager booked a X-rated film.
Even the inmates lawyer agrees that X-rated films are within the government's right to legislate.
Her X-rated autobiography is horrifying, gripping, sexy and pathetic.
The spy then posted on the Internet the group's private notes - including some X-rated photographs the men had traded.
A jilted lover who published an X-rated video on the internet of himself and his former girlfriend having sex was jailed today for three months.
Reportedly a member of the high-IQ organization MENSA, adult video star Asia Carrera is one of the most intelligent and accomplished ladies to ever appear in X-rated films.