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wye / тройник, звезда, соединение звездой
имя существительное
tee, wye, branch
star, wye, spider, top-liner
соединение звездой
star connection, wye
поворотный треугольник
имя существительное
a support or other structure shaped like a Y, in particular.
имя существительное
a river that rises in the mountains of western Wales and flows southeast for about 132 miles (208 km) before entering the Severn estuary at Chepstow. In its lower reaches it forms part of the border between Wales and England.
We suspect that the 90 [degrees], three-way connector between the ETT and the wye trapped aerosolized particles.
David showed me the wye and the freight line that begins here.
It operated this way until it got to Medonte where the locomotive could be turned on the wye .
Most of the coal trains are serving mines around Gillette, WY, but some of them originate north of Dutch and join the mainline at West Dutch via a wye .
The Hawk Jct. yard engine made a short trip southbound to Tabor, 25 miles, with a single locomotive tonnage train, set it off, turned on the wye and returned to Hawk Jct. as a caboose hop.
While Yard A turns a train south towards LM Cabin, the Mud Track turns north towards HV junction, thus creating a wye .
On the west, Dutch has the previously mentioned wye connecting two subdivisions and on the east a 12, 556 ft siding.
Today the goal is to re-lay 4 kilometers of track to reach the wye at this point.
Instead of heading directly into the station, we pulled around a wye and down to METRA's Halstead St. Station.
The train runs around the circle of track once, then enters a long spur behind buildings along U.S. 395, where it runs around the train, turns on the wye , then re-couples onto it backwards for the next trip.