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wuss / слабак
имя существительное
a weak or ineffectual person (often used as a general term of abuse).
Only wimps and wusses blamed their misfortune on others - real men made their own fortune.
Call me a wuss , but I don't think that's a nice message.
Before that I had thought that a piercing at the top of my ear might look nice, but a friend who had had it done talked me out of it on the grounds that it hurt and I was a wuss .
‘I'll see you as a wuss if you can't admit to what you're feeling,’ she told him.
I am going to be a wuss and apply for parking in the building, even if it is $70.00 more a month than a lot 2 blocks away.
But I guess I hate to come across to people as a wuss .
Call me a wuss , but the older I get, the more I value the comfort of a roof, bed and sanitation.
I guess I have to learn to stop being such a wuss and not let things like this get to me, right?
‘Come on, you make me sound like a wuss ,’ I said, trying not to sound like a sissy idiot and miserably failing.
She was partly right, of course; I did think he was kind of a wuss .
what a snivelling wuss!