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wunderkind / вундеркинд
имя существительное
wunderkind, infant-prodigy
имя существительное
a person who achieves great success when relatively young.
Don't Look Back reminds us that our gifted wunderkinds are still young people, unfinished youths waiting to grow into the adults they will become.
Discussions have been held with his mother Judy on how the tennis wunderkind can access ongoing support and Harrison will soon sit down with his coach, Mark Petchey, to plot the way ahead.
Mama, convinced she had produced a wunderkind , arranged for Cole to play piano and violin concerts in and around Peru.
More than a musical wunderkind , Devendra is also a writer and artist.
In the past year, Calvin Kitten has evolved from being a wunderkind to an extraordinary, mature artist.
I'm not much interested in golf, and I don't really follow it, but I'm intrigued by this story about the newest wunderkind in the game, who happens to be a girl.
I was never in the position where I had to be the next wunderkind , the new marketing phenomenon.
At 53, his blond hair graying, he is no longer the wunderkind who, in his early thirties, changed the way CEOs thought about their companies and industries.
the economics wunderkind who was a tenured professor at 29
None of the authors of these books was thought of as a wunderkind .
In reality most of the supposedly ‘promising’ juniors will fall by the wayside and I can't help being rather cynical when people try to impress me with news about their local wunderkind .